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  • Calcium hypochlorite: preparation, compositio...2019-3-19
      Firstly, the limestone and white coal are added to the lime kiln from the top of the lime kiln at the ratio of 1:(0.11-0...
  • Cautions for Use of Calcium Hypochlorite2019-3-19
      Health hazards: The dust of this product is irritating to conjunctiva and respiratory tract, and can cause dental damage.
  • Physicochemical properties of calcium hypochl...2019-3-19
      Physical Properties Appearance and Properties: White powder, strong chlorine odor. Its solution is yellow-green transluc...
  • Function and Use of Calcium Hypochlorite2019-3-19
      It is mainly used for bleaching pulp in paper industry and cotton, linen and silk fabrics in textile industry.
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